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Emergency Dentist Mount Gravatt

In providing premium quality and cost effective emergency treatment options to Upper Mt Gravatt and its surrounding areas, the accredited dentists here at Newnham Family Dental ultimately ensure that all our patients’ high priority and emergency dental needs are met professionally – time and time again. Our 24/7 Online booking portal will ensure prompt assistance for emergency dental procedures.

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Amalgam Free Fillings in Brisbane Southside

Traditionally, fillings were done with a metallic alloys called amalgam.

Although Amalgam fillings are durable, our modern filling material provide much greater benefits.

Disadvantage of Amalgam:

  • Contains toxic mercury
  • Amalgam expand and contracts with heat which can lead to fracture and cracking of your natural tooth.
  • Dark metallic colour

Advantages of a filling from Newnham Family Dental

Our modern filling has a number of great benefits over the old amalgam fillings.

  • Mercury Free and completely safe.
  • Holds together and protect teeth from further damage with advance bonding technique.
  • Creates natural looking teeth!

Contact us for all emergency dental treatments for the whole family. Our clinic is easily accessible from Mansfield, Wishart, Mount Gravatt, Burbank, Garden city and almost all parts of South Brisbane.