Fissure Sealants

Fissure Sealants in Mount Gravatt

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Here at Newnham Family Dental, we understand the importance of general – as well as specialised –yet affordable dental care. Based in Brisbane, our dental hospital is outfitted and furnished with state of the art equipment and advanced technology to ensure that we offer our patients the best dental services most suited to their particular needs.

As a core component of quality dental care – fissure sealants serve as a particularly effective option to protect teeth from tooth decay.

A thin plastic coating is applied to the deep grooves and fissures of teeth to create a protective seal against tooth decay. This treatment is particularly effective for those teeth with deep fissures that are hard to clean properly through regular brushing and flossing.

Fissure Treatment:

At Newnham Family Dental, fissure sealant is applied painlessly within one appointment.

  • Teeth is professionally cleaned and dried.
  • Special dental solution applied to the surface of the teeth to roughen the surface and allow better bonding.
  • Fissure sealant is then painted onto the tooth surface and bonded to the tooth.
  • A strong light source is used to harden and create the seal.

If proper oral hygiene is maintained, sealants can last for up to 10 years and can be easily and painlessly replaced.

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