Making sure your children’s teeth are kept clean and properly maintained at home is just as important as those regular trips to the dentist themselves! Regular and comprehensive maintenance in conjunction with consistency are both key factors that have an enormous influence on the health and wellbeing of your child’s dental condition.  The following are just some handy hints to help parents and guardians look after their children’s teeth in the best way possible.

  • To ensure that your child’s oral hygiene – Don’t forget to brush your child’s teeth twice a day: their teeth should be cleaned both after eating meals as well as right before bed.
  • It is important to use small circular motions during brushing in addition to a fluoride based toothpaste – one that’s suitable for children and their sensitive teeth. This aids in strengthening the outside of teeth and hardening tooth enamel – in addition to preventing the development of nasty plaque and decay.
  • Work on getting your children into a regular tooth brushing routine: give them plenty of praise whenever they keep to it and brush their teeth well! Once again, consistency is key and one of the most efficient ways of developing positive behaviours and consistent, adaptive habits is through positive reinforcement.
  • Don’t forget to properly maintain the tools and instruments used for tooth brushing – brushing with an old toothbrush can do more harm than good, as it serves as a breeding ground for a whole host of bacteria and germs. Toothbrushes and toothbrush heads start to get old and worn out roughly around the three month mark, so it is vitally important to replace them regularly for optimal dental health.
  • Until your child is at least seven years old, you should be the one supervising and helping them keep on track with their brushing. Even once they start brushing by themselves, be sure to check in on your child each and every day to make sure that they are doing it properly. Don’t forget to positively reinforce them if you notice they are still keeping to their routine – even more so now that they are taking full responsibility for their tooth brushing habits.
  • Dental check-ups from qualified, experienced and fully trained oral health professional for your child are very important in ensuring a healthy smile. Be sure to stay consistent and regular in keeping dentist appointments – ideally twice a year once your child reaches the age of two.
  • It is also vitally important to keep your dentist in the loop: making sure your dentist is well informed with how your children’s teeth are travelling is an undeniably important part of looking after their teeth. Once your child’s adult teeth start growing and coming through, they may start to experience natural symptoms of pain and discomfort. However, these symptoms may be due to misaligned teeth which can have a lasting effect on your child’s dental health – even leading to improper jaw positioning and permanent misalignment. By keeping your dentist aware of any and all developments concerning your child’s teeth, they’ll be able to properly advise you on any efficient solutions and corrective treatment options if necessary.

In the meantime, ensure your child’s diet is healthy and well balanced with plenty of fresh fruit and tasty vegetables. Water is also great at keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Be sure to leave sweet treats, junk foods, and sugary soft drinks to a minimum – mealtimes and special occasions are more than enough to indulge in these!

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