Typically, wisdom teeth don’t usually need to be removed: in fact, most don’t ever require extraction – even if they are impacted. So long as they aren’t causing any major issues, there’s no proven benefit of having your wisdom teeth removed. When performed improperly, the extraction procedure carries increased risks of encountering complications. However, problematic wisdom teeth do need to be removed: these are teeth that have yet to fully break through the surface of the gum or ones that have become impacted.

When trapped around the edges of wisdom teeth, food and bacteria can cause concerning levels of built up plaque. This can lead to numerous problems such as:

  • tooth decay: whenever plaque begins to break down the surface of your teeth, dental caries tend to develop. In becoming more advanced, tooth decay can leave cavities and holes in teeth – which can even affect any surrounding teeth.
  • gum disease: also known as periodontal disease, gingivitis occurs when plaque releases toxins that irritate your gums. These toxins subsequently cause inflammation and make your gums red, painful, and swollen. Gum disease can also affect surrounding teeth and even the bone around your wisdom teeth.
  • pericoronitis: this occurs when plaque causes the soft tissue that surrounds the wisdom tooth to become infected.
  • cellulitis: a bacterial infection caused by particularly problematic wisdom teeth that develops in the throat, tongue, or cheek.
  • abscesses: these are caused by the collection of pus in wisdom teeth or any surrounding tissue – typically due to a bacterial infection.
  • Very rarely, a wisdom tooth that hasn’t yet cut through the gum causes cysts – swellings filled with fluid – and other benign growths to develop.

If you experience any of these significant dental problems, you may require wisdom teeth extraction: our Brisbane based cosmetic dentist can offer you comprehensive treatment solutions today.

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