Night Time Dental Mouth Guard

Night Time Dental Mouth Guard Gravatt

Night Time Dental Mouth Guard Gravatt

At Newnham Family Dental our specialists will help you in finding the best night-time dental mouth guard tailor made to suit you. We strive to ensure that your experience is comfortable, enjoyable and that you leave confident that you are going to achieve your desired outcome and stop teeth grinding.

A smile is such a beautiful thing so when night time grinding has the likelihood of having a severe impact on your on your teeth it can then have an onflow effect really impair your quality of life. Allow one of our high skilled, caring and compassionate specialist work with you to get the best possible result with our high quality night-time mouth guards. No need to worry about the impacts teeth grinding anymore as we go into great detail and plan to stop grinding for good! You can now go on to sleep peacefully know you are causing no more harm to your overall dental wellbeing. At Newnham Family Dental it is important to us to provide you with the best when it comes to putting an end to any teeth grinding.

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Most people aren’t even aware that they grind their teeth at night as they are sound asleep, however a Night Time Dental Mouth Guard Gravattconstant, dull headache and a sore jaw are generally telltale signs that this is the case. Teeth Grinding especially during a state of sleep can result in a number of negative dental risks such as, fracturing, loosening or loss of teeth. Chronic grinding may even wear your teeth down to stumps which will then require full dental procedures to repair. Our Newnham Family Dental mouth guards will prevent any further damage while we work on getting to the source that is causing the grinding. Our friendly and highly qualified team will work closely with you to tailor both a plan of action to stop the grind as well has a fitting a custom mouth guard for you to wear at night, extremely comfortable for a restful night sleep and durable to protect your teeth the best way possible.

Conveniently located in Upper Mount Gravatt our Brisbane based practice provide a relaxing and welcoming environment, allowing you to sit back and put your feet up while we take care of all your dental needs. At Newnham Family Dental we understand that dental procedures can be stress-inducing, so our caring and compassionate team will take extra good care of you and ease any worries you may experience. You are important to us, which is why you and your loved ones are always our first priority and we strive to give you the smile that you want and deserve. Your smile is our passion and Newnham Family Dental aim to always provide an excellent experience and environment along with superior services and technology. With a team who strive to meet your individual dental needs every time while being kind and understanding you will now look forward to coming to the dentist.

Enhance your beautiful smile and wear it proudly!

Speak with one of our wonderful specialists today and allow our skilled team to get your smile to where it deserves to be. At Newnham Family Dental we provide the best night time mouth guards, to stop teeth grinding, in Brisbane. So if you are wanting to discuss all of your options, contact one of our friendly staff today on 0731725718 or use our quick and easily 24/7 online booking to schedule a consultation.