Newnham Family Dental Announces Dental Implant Services

Brisbane-based leading dental practice, Newnham Family Dental, is glad to announce their dental implant services in the Brisbane area. This ongoing service can enhance a smile, boost confidence and self-esteem for individuals across the region.

Dental implants are artificial or replacement tooth roots. They provide support for restoring a missing tooth or teeth. It is a popular procedure that helps prevent or stop jaw bone loss. 

Among the various benefits of a dental implant is that not only does it helps put a patient’s teeth in place, but also ensures that they can chew their food better and keep their jaw structure correctly in place as the facial muscles get older.  

“Our dental implants have proven to have countless benefits for our beloved clients, they enhance your overall dental and oral health, better your speech, provide more comfort, easier eating, improve your confidence and well-being as well as looking and feeling completely like natural teeth,” says Hung-Ta Shih, a representative of  Newnham Family Dental.

Clarifying further, Hung-Ta Shih says that replacing missing teeth with dental implants can have a huge effect on a person’s self-esteem. “Dental implant treatment has completely revolutionised the way we treat tooth loss. Replacing missing teeth can significantly impact your self-esteem and prevent you from living a happy and healthy life. However, with dental implants, we can provide a long-lasting solution so you can bring your smile to its full potential just like with your natural tooth.”

In addition to its oral health and benefits, dental implants also provide stability, strength, improves the teeth’ appearance, and enhances smile. Little wonder dental implant is one of the most popular procedures available today.

Newnham Family Dental is currently providing dental implant services in Brisbane to enable residents to take advantage of its many benefits. With ample experience in dental implants, as well as a highly qualified, professional team with a perfect understanding of how missing teeth can impact a patient’s life, Newnham Family Dental provides tailored dental implant options suited for each patient and their needs.

Newnham Family Dental implants are built to last a lifetime, and patients will never be disappointed with their new charming smile once their dentist installs them. Their dentists strive to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, and satisfying experience for every patient. “Our dental implants replicate natural teeth without a surgical or invasive procedure to bring your smile back to life,” the company representative added.

The dental practice has attracted a lot of positive reviews from their patients on Facebook, Louis Cheng writes, “Best dental work ever experienced. Professional and great services both Mark and staff. Affordable price too. Highly recommended.”

Candice Elizabeth Ashman writes, “Fantastic family dentist and extremely affordable. My 4yr old son had the best first dental experience any parent could ask for, and so did I. Thank you, Dr. Shih.”

A smile is such a beautiful thing so when missing teeth are preventing you from being able to light up a room, it can impair your quality of life. If you are looking for the best dentists in Brisbane to handle your dental implants for that beautiful smile, then you can let one of the highly-skilled, caring and compassionate dental specialists at Newnham Family Dental work with you to get the best possible result with their high-quality dental implants.

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