Newnham Family Dental Provides the Best Dental Implant Solution in Brisbane

Newnham Family Dental, a leading dental practice in Brisbane, is proud to announce their dental implant service for residents of Brisbane and surrounding regions. The respected practice helps the communities in the regions maintain beautiful smiles with first-class dental care and tooth replacement options that are second to none.

“No one should be without a radiant smile,” says Dr. Mark Shih of Newnham Family Dental. “We provide happy and comfortable dental experiences for either you or your loved one. We strive to ensure that your experience is comfortable, enjoyable, and at the end of the day you are thrilled with your results,” he added.

In today’s tooth replacement technology, dental implants are a wonder. The procedure involves installing a new, natural-looking tooth in place of a missing tooth. It’s a good option for those missing a tooth, a few teeth, or all the teeth and want to get a perfect replacement for that radiant smile. Newnham Family Dental has the experience and competence to help patients achieve that.

Residents of Brisbane prefer Newnham Family Dental for their implant because of the following reasons:

A happy and comfortable dental experience

Their dental implants replicate natural teeth without a surgical or invasive procedure to help restore a patient’s smile. Since the implant teeth are just as natural, patients can eat, speak, and smile confidently because they will never shift or slip out of position. The team at Newnham Family Dental guarantees perfectly done implants, ensuring a happy and comfortable experience for patients, and also leaving them excited with the result. 

Improve comfort, wellness, and confidence

Missing teeth not only make people feel conscious of their smile, but they also produce unwanted issues associated with oral hygiene that can negatively affect general dental health. However, with Newnham Family Dental, patients are assured of skilled, compassionate dentists that can work and help them achieve their best possible result with superior dental implants. When it comes to dental implants in Brisbane, Newnham Family Dental assures patients of the best solutions tailored to them and their needs. With personalised dental implants, they ensure every patient who walks into their practice doesn’t return the same way, and most importantly that they are happy with the result.

Use of state-of-the-art technology in dental implants

Dental implant treatment has transformed the way tooth loss is treated. Missing teeth can lower self-esteem and confidence, and prevent people from living a healthy and happy life. However, dental implants offer a long-lasting solution. In dental implant procedure, Newnham Family Dental installs natural-looking teeth in place of missing teeth, which helps to restore confidence and a radiant smile, resulting in a happy and healthy life.

Newnham Family Dental dental implants are built to last a lifetime, so patients will never be left disappointed with their new beautiful smile once a dentist installs them.

In addition to the dental implant, they also provide a wide range of dental services, including Invisalign, Dental Cosmetics, Emergency Dentist, Root Canal Treatment, Teeth Whitening, and Dentures.

Many of their patients who have had outstanding results with the practice could not hold their feelings. Some took to online platforms, such as Facebook and Google, to express their satisfaction. Tracy W. writes, “Amazing service! I put off removing my painful teeth for so long but Dr. Mark was nothing but gentle and made the procedure so painless. Highly recommend.”

Newnham Family Dental has a friendly and highly qualified team that understands the impact missing teeth can have on a patient’s life. So they can be trusted to provide personalized dental implant options to suit every patient and their lifestyle.

Newnham Family Dental boasts of the best dental implant dentists in Brisbane and surrounding regions. Interested patients can learn more about the practice at, and schedule appointments online.

About Newnham Family Dental

Located on 280 Newnham Rd, Newnham Family Dental has been offering a wide range of professional dental services across all of South Brisbane. For many years, they have looked to service a wide array of surrounding regions, including Mansfield, Burbank, Wishart, and Upper Mount Gravatt. Their Brisbane-based, professionally accredited dentist is well versed in numerous cosmetic, as well as restorative treatments. These include everything from expert root canals and effective teeth whitening solutions right through to comprehensive gum disease treatment options and even premium fissure sealants.

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