Teeth whitening is one of the most widespread dental services offered, and with good reason: as a fast and effective form of cosmetic treatment, whitening your teeth serves as a simple and non-invasive method of achieving a truly stunning smile in next to no time. However, before you go about getting yourself a brighter smile, there are a few important things you should consider first.

Assessing Your Smile

When it comes to professional teeth whitening services, assessing your smile is the first step in undertaking this quick and painless procedure. In order to determine the most effective treatment plan – an appropriate course of action personally tailored to you and your unique circumstances – your dentist will perform a thorough and comprehensive assessment. In this way, they will be able to help you discover the best way in which to both renew and reinvigorate your smile.

The process of accurately assessing your teeth often follows a typical set of simple steps. These primarily include:

  • Efficiently diagnosing the location and cause of any blemishes, spots, and tooth discolouration you may be suffering from
  • Ensuring you are made fully aware of the tooth whitening method that is to be utilised – understanding is key to proper maintenance and upkeep
  • Helping you feel comfortable, safe and secure in knowing the wide variety of different contributing factors that could have an influence – significant or otherwise – on the various stages of the tooth whitening process
  • Determining the need for updating any fillings or crowns you may have. As your current set of crowns and veneers will not change colour along with the rest of your teeth, discolouration after the whitening process may be an issue.
  • Discussing increased levels of tooth sensitivity in addition to how these can be managed effectively – with as little change to your day to day routines as possible

Your dental professional will subsequently take an impression of both the upper and lower sets of your teeth, once your teeth and your gums have undergone assessment. Custom designed whitening trays will then be made to fit you and your teeth, based on these two sets of impressions.

After the trays have been made and are ready for pick up, all that is left for you to do is simply call into the surgery and collect your teeth whitening materials and instructions. The trays will serve to gradually whiten your teeth as you wear them for a few hours each day or leave them on overnight.

Post-treatment Care

Though proven to provide great results, teeth whitening treatments do require maintenance: without the proper care, teeth will often revert back to their previous discoloured condition. As such, all patients are strongly encouraged to take the following simple steps into account and incorporate them into their post treatment hygiene routine:

  • Keep brushing your teeth! Brushing your teeth twice a day for a minimum of two minutes while using a fluoride based toothpaste ultimately helps to optimise the whitening effects.
  • Start flossing: by flossing your teeth at least once a day, you will be helping to reduce the build-up of any nasty plaque and tartar in between your teeth.
  • Help your teeth get rid of excess debris after eating and drinking by chewing sugar free gum. Drinking water throughout the day also aids in washing away any remaining food and drink.

Be sure to keep visiting your dentist: don’t forget to drop in for regular check-ups and keep up with consistent cleaning. These are both quick, easy, and inexpensive ways of serving to improve your oral health in addition to keeping those new pearly whites of yours gleaming brightly.

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