Besides brushing your teeth at least twice a day – in addition to flossing and regularly visiting a dentist – just how can you prevent plaque from wreaking havoc inside your mouth? Try to avoid – or at least limit – the foods below: the following are some of the most harmful foods for your teeth.

Sour Candies: unsurprisingly, candy is bad for your teeth. However, sour candies contain even more combinations of different kinds of acids that adversely affect your teeth. Eating sugar and other carbs causes the plaque on your teeth to release tough acids: by attacking the enamel on your teeth, these acids can cause major cavities. The chewy sour candy varieties stick to your teeth for longer periods of time, meaning they’re much more likely to cause tooth decay. Craving sweets? Grab some chocolate instead: you can chew it quickly and wash it away easily.

Bread: Whenever you chew bread, your saliva breaks its starchesdown into sugar. The bread – now transformed into a gummy substance similar to paste – effectively sticks to spaces between your teeth, causing cavities. Craving some carbs? Look to far less refined varieties of bread, like whole wheat: they contain less added sugars and aren’t as easily broken down.

Alcohol: of course alcohol isn’t exactly healthy, but few people realise that drinking alcohol causes your mouth to dry out. A dry mouth is low on saliva, which is needed to keep teeth healthy. Saliva effectively prevents food from sticking to your teeth while washing away any remaining particles. It can even help to heal early signs ofgum disease, tooth decay, and other oral infections. Drinking plenty of water – in conjunction with using oral hydration solutions and fluoride rinses – works towards keeping your mouth hydrated. Visit our expert dental clinic in Mount Gravatt for even more information.

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